A Place For The Entire Family

It can be a challenge to find great places where the entire family can gather for a night of family fun. Finding a place where everyone is comfortable having a fun filled time, no matter what they enjoy and no matter what age they are.

When you and your family are looking for a great place to get together for family fun, consider Eby's Family Fun. You and your family will find awesome activities such as roller skating, laser tag, mini-bowling and so much more. Everyone can enjoy putting on a pair of roller skates and showing off their best stunts. You'll love the great sound system that pumps out the best tunes to make your skating adventure more fun than you ever imagined. You can book a skating party for one of the members of your family and enjoy the use of the glow room to make the party perfect.

Perhaps mini-bowling is an activity that your family would enjoy. You'll love knowing that you don't have to wear any special bowling shoes, you just pay and play. Mini-bowling offers reward tickets for those that bowl strikes and spares. You can use the tickets for awesome prizes when you're finished bowling. This activity is awesome for family fun.

For more action and adventure, check out the laser tag. You can enjoy hours of state of the art technology with the best laser quality. In an area of 4,000 square feet, you'll have room to really get into it. This is an awesome family activity as well as an activity that is great for groups and clubs. This fast-paced game will have everyone having the best time ever. The family-friendly rates help make this a must-do activity for every family.

The arcade center offers a lot of fun and exciting games for everyone. The machines take tokens and they dispense tickets for winning that can be redeemed at the redemption center for some really cool prizes. The large selection of games available is sure to please everyone in the family or group.

When you and your family get hungry, you can take advantage of all that the snack bar offers. This area has recently been remodeled and you will find plenty of seating for even the largest group. They offer all of the great foods to make your night of family fun superior. You can choose from pizza, nachos, pretzels and so much more. Top it off with an ice cream for dessert and you have a superior night of family fun.

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