Laser Tag: A Beginner's Guide

Updated: May 21

Laser tag is a consistently-popular game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Even so, many folks have not yet tried laser tag because they’re not quite sure how to play. If you fall into that category, the following beginner’s guide is just for you.

What is Laser Tag?

Laser tag is a shooting game that’s similar to paintball. The difference is that it’s usually played indoors and you do not wind up getting pinged with paintballs. So there’s no pain involved and no need to worry about messing up any of your clothes.

During a laser tag game, you’ll be outfitted with a phaser, or infrared emitter that spits out beams of light. You’ll also wear a vest with a receiver that will respond if you are hit. The equipment is very lightweight so children or even senior citizens can wear it with ease.

Players are generally divided up into two teams. The object of course is to eliminate as many members of the opposing team without getting hit yourself. As such, it’s just as much strategy as it is physical or even shooting ability-even if you do wind up feeling exhilarated after the game.

You shouldn’t feel as though laser tag is not for you just because you are not in top physical shape. With laser tag, you can choose your own level of exertion. Remember that hiding and surprising your opponent is just as important as evasion.

What to Wear

Our arena is climate controlled, so you can wear whatever is comfortable. Many people choose to dress in layers so they can shed clothing whenever they begin to warm up. In fact, a light jacket or sweatshirt could keep you from getting too cold in the beginning.

Play takes place in a dimly-lit environment. For this reason, dark-colored clothing is recommended if you are to be as inconspicuous as possible. Remember that since everything takes place indoors, you won’t have to worry about outdoor hazards like rocks. That means that as far as footwear goes, any fully-enclosed, well-fitting shoe will do.

Laser Tag Arena

The game takes place inside an arena, which allows for strict control of the game. Our 4,000 square foot area has multiple levels to add an extra dimension to your game. You’ll find plenty of places to hide or even sneak up on your opponent, while still getting a strenuous workout.

Are you ready to try laser tag? If so, please contact us to reserve your slot and let the fun begin.

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