School Skating Parties

2019/2020 School Skating Party Dates

All school skates are from 5:30- 8 pm unless otherwise specified. 

Bristol- Feb 25th & Mar 31st 

Chandler- Mar 12th

Heritage- Nov 14th, Jan 16th, Mar 24th & Mar 26th

Jefferson- Sept 19th, Feb 20th & April 28th

Meadow View (3-5 pm)- Sept 26th & Feb 27th

Middlebury- Oct 17th & Mar 17th

Orchard View- Oct 8th, Jan 14th & Mar 3rd

Pinewood- Sept 26th, Dec 10th, Feb 13th & April 21st

Shipshe Scott (9-11 am)- Oct 12th & Feb 8th

St. Thomas- Sept 17th, Dec 3rd & April 14th

Westview (4-6 pm)- Mar 10th

White Pigeon (4-6 pm)- Jan 9th, Jan 30th, Feb 11th & Mar 5th

York- Oct 3rd, Nov 7th, Feb 6th & April 16th 

All schools that schedule at least 3 skating parties on Tuesdays or Thursdays during the school year will automatically be enrolled in our Skate A Million Miles Award Program (SAMM).

Eby's will keep track of the attendance and record the miles skated for each school. The program will run from Sept 6th thru April 30th.  The school with the most miles skated at the end of the school year will be awarded prizes:

1st Place - $350 Cash Prize Paid to the PTO

2nd Place - 2 Hour Private Laser Tag Party to Sell at Auction ($275 Value)

3rd Place - 2 Hour Private Skating Party to Sell at Auction ($200 Value)

Schools will accumulate miles from scheduled school skates but also from families that come to Eby's to skate during any of our public times. Make sure to log your miles at the skate counter during public skate sessions. Admission for each school skate can vary, please contact your school for more information.  

2018/2019 SAMM Totals 

1st Place -York- 828 miles

2nd Place -Heritage 4th & 5th- 787.5 miles

2nd Place -St. Thomas- 730 miles

3rd Place Orchard View- 670.5 miles

Jefferson- 660 miles

Pinewood- 587.5 miles

Bristol- 327 miles

Middlebury- 282.5 miles

Chandler- 245 miles

Eastwood- 27 miles

2017/2018 SAMM Totals 

1st Place - York- 1219 miles

2nd Place - Pinewood- 1163.5 miles

3rd Place - Middlebury- 691.5 miles

3rd Place - Heritage 828.5 miles

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