"Eby's is a great place for a large group event.  They really work

with you and the kids have a blast."

-C. Stanton

"Eby's Family Fun is a blast!  Very affordable for families to enjoy

time together."

 -C. Stutsman

"Kids and adults all had a great time.  The staff was friendly and

helpful.  It was a successful birthday party for my 12 year old."

 -J. Inbody

"Eby's is a great area classic!  Skated there for a long time.  Family owned from the start by a man who loved to skating.  A lot of rinks have come and gone, glad we still have Eby's."

 -S. Takes

Eby's Family Fun | 14583 SR 120 |Bristol, IN 46507 |574-848-4110

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